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Dan Huynh
IT Support Specialist
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Dan Huynh
IT Support Specialist
With over 15 years of experience in the computer industry, I have a vast knowledge of repairing and recovering computer systems, whether it’s a virus infection, spyware, adware, Trojan Horse or just corrupted system files, your data in most cases can be safely recovered and transferred to a new installation for a clean and successful recovery.

Your system whether it is use at home or business, should be backup up regularly. This is to prevent loss of data due to virus infection, accidental deletion, corrupt system, bad disk or simply stolen, fire etc… Get into a habit of backing up your computer every week. There are programs such as Norton Ghost, and Akonis to name just a few that can help you accomplish this task. 

Having a computer is like having a car, every so often, you will need to service your car, a computer needs the same care and attention. There are temporary files that you accumulate when you browse the Internet or (cookies). Files defragmentation is another major cause of system slow down, normal day to day Internet usage could deteriorate the performance of your computer. I recommend a service every 6 months if you are a heavy Internet user or a year if you are not, but you should be able to decide when you computer needs a clean up by its performance.

There are benefits of servicing your system regularly :

1) Forecasting and avoiding problems that could potentially be fetal.
2) You will get new and updated drivers for all your hardwares which
     could improve overall system performance.            
3) New security patches from Microsoft as well as Antivirus and Firewall
    signatures that help better protecting your computer against attacks.
4) Increase your computer longevity by clean all fans and cooling components.